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Jack Ryan


January 7, 1973


Scandinavian (Maternal: Sámi, Swedish * Paternal: Icelandic)


6' (183 cm)








None (I'm Atheist / Antitheist)


Libertarian (Advocate Of Freedom), Republican (Advocate Of A Republic - Not A Political Party Affiliate), Laïcité (Separation Of Church And State)


Racism, Social Darwinism, Speciesism, Anthropocentrism, Chauvinism, Militarism, Androcentrism, Gynocentrism, Sexism, Gender Mainstreaming, Political Correctness, Theism, Religion, Fascism, National Socialism, Communism, Socialism, Consumerism, Slavery, Child Abuse, Child Pornography, Killing Based On Base Motives, Torture, Violence, War, Pollution, Hunting For Trade, Animal Testing, Presentation Of Animals In Circuses, Fur Farming, Wildlife Destruction, And More.




Evolutionary Biologist (PhD) * Subway Train Operator & Bus Driver (Job)

Music * Movies * Nature * Natural Sciences * Photography * Graphic Design * Native American Culture * Norse Mythology * Pool Billiard * Baseball

Romantic * Sensitive * Animal-Loving * Emotional * Considerate * Impatient * Intolerant * (Based On Self-Evaluation)

Cigarettes * Junk Food


Moths (No Fear, But Disgust)

Drugs * Booze * Mistreatment Of Children, Women, And Animals * Religion * Hip Hop & Techno Music * Violence

There's No Place Like Home!

Question Everything! * Educate Yourself!








Misty Forests * Snow-Covered Trees * Heavy Snowfall * Tranquility * Northern Lights * Yule / Christmas *

Log Homes * Fireplaces * Sapphic Erotic

Nature * Animals * Forests * Spring * Fall (Autumn) * Winter

A Log Cabin In The Woods

Cuteness In Animals And Women * Natural Redheads (Women) - My Kryptonite